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A complete range from sweet to savoury flavours

Caraflavour powdered and liquid flavours provide sweetness, savouriness and great-tasting to your products. That's the finest taste for all your applications: beverages, dairy, bakery & pastry, confectionery, meat, seasoning...

Innovative and
Customizer flavours


Ours flavours are manufactured in Marseilles (France). All researches are based on your own market.

R&D department experience enables to find the best solution for your technical problems: we adapt our products to the countries’culinary habits.

Competitiveness of Caraflavour items


Your production costs will decrease thanks to the CARAGUM stabilizers & Caraflavour line complementarity.


Contact Us


​Tel : +33 4 91 92 12 60
Fax : +33 4 91 92 12 61

160, chemin de la Madrague Ville




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